Affordable Asian Wedding Photography in London

London; a city sprinkled with ancient architecture and modern people, romance flows through its veins.

It’s no challenge to find an Asian wedding photographer in London to capture your special day. It is, however, a challenge to find one that’s reliable, fun, and doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

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My name is Maisum, the M in MWalji. I’ve been an Asian wedding photographer in London for 8 years.
My unobtrusive documentary style photography captures the laughter, tears, and joy of the day. The real emotion.


As someone potentially looking to hire my services, you might ask yourself; why makes this one any different?

Undeniably, the quality of your photos heavily depends on the level of tranquility surrounding the day. Every wedding can be stressful, and this is where my extensive experience in Asian wedding photography comes in.

I understand the expectations and the pressure of Asian weddings, in particular. As a result, I also understand how to relieve some of the associated stress.

I’ve been lucky enough to shoot at some of the most prestigious venues around London, for some amazing and unique couples.

All of whom have become lifelong friends, not just clients.

Above all, getting to explore my city with you is an extra bonus.

Whether it’s our colourful gurdwaras, intricate mosques, or luxurious hotels, I’m always prepared for the adventure.

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I’d be honoured to be your wedding photographer, have a look through my gallery, or get in touch, I’m always here to help.